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Identify Companies and Contacts that are looking for your solution

LeadSift shows you which companies to target, who within that company to speak to, why they’re a good fit and when.

Use Leadsift's Behavioral Intent Data to:

  • Target companies that are in-market for your solution
  • Know which prospects are talking to your competitors
  • Point your Sales team to the exact individual(s) that are exhibiting Intent

* All data is GDPR and ICO compliant…unless your actions cause it not to be so
* B2B Technologies Only


LeadSift gives confidence to our SDR team that their messaging will resonate, and confidence to our Account Execs that this company has a need Looker satisfies and represents a viable sales opportunity.

LeadSift is our best channel for generating leads cost-effectively by far. Since day one I’ve been impressed with the steady volume of high quality leads.

We wanted to see more target accounts coming in that would convert. LeadSift’s intent-based lead identification process was the perfect pairing with our ABM approach.