Another eBook downloaded? Sales people yawn when they see leads like that. They want steaming hot food to feed on.

Give them the newest and most revered lead source available now: Behavioral Intent Data leads. Decision makers engaging with your competitors interest sales people far more than webinar attendees.

leadsift ebook

With this data, this is how much better you can be:

leadsift pages

Upgrade your current processes:

  • Run ABM campaigns to accounts and decision makers ready to buy now, not just because they are target accounts
  • Higher CTR on ads because you’re showing an interested audience relevant content at the time they’re interested
  • Plan your new content around trending topics your buyers are truly interested in, not what Google Trends says your market is looking at

Add new approaches to your arsenal:

  • Take landing page customization to untold new high levels using real-time data you’ve not been able to use before
  • Direct leads to sales without having to do anything – your leads are engaging with competitors and need sales outreach now
  • Carry out event marketing months before anyone else to maximize events ROI and rake in more leads

Get this eBook to understand the full power and process behind this new data.